16 rules to avoid being fooled by counterfeit copies/products

As is common with all popular products, Aimpoint sights are also rampantly copied and counterfeited by unscrupulous vendors to make a quick buck. Aimpoint has put in public domain certain do’s and don’ts while buying sights manufactured by that company.

  1. The first rule is not to buy from any source other than company authorized dealers.
  2. The second rule is not be lured by smartly designed glitzy websites having their bases at China, Hong Kong or Korea. These are e-business fronts of most counterfeit producers.
  3. These usually offer mind blowing discounts. Buyers are strictly warned as the third rule not fall prey to such temptations.
  4. The fourth rule is not to get carried away by claims of casual vendors that try to explain the unbelievably low price by declaring they had either got those as gifts or won them in some shooting competition or the other.
  5. The fifth rule is buyers must insist on original user manual and original packing and must not buy unless both of these are provided by the vendor.
  6. The sixth rule is to search for serial number of the product. Every Aimpiont product has a unique serial number. Any product without a serial number is certainly a fake.
  7. If the flip covers do not have Aimpoint logo molded on the front portion it is almost certain that the product is counterfeit. This is the seventh item in the checklist.
  8. Any Aimpoint sight steadily maintains a zero. If the product you are inspecting is not capable of steadily maintaining zero, you can be certain that the product is not original. This is the eighth item of the checklist.
  9. Ninth item of the checklist is to do a rigorous drop test and subject the product to excessive shocks before buying it. If the product is unable to withstand the punishment it is surely a fake item. Sometimes vendors try to talk away customers from doing this check. Insist on doing so and if there is any resistance on the part of the vendor, just dump the product and walk away.
  10. Aimpoint products are designed to survive recoil of firearms and if you feel the product would not be able to withstand that stress simply avoid buying it. This is the tenth rule.
  11. The eleventh rule is to check the batteries as counterfeit items usually have non-standard batteries.
  12. The twelfth rule is to check whether the battery life imprinted on the product is reasonably correct. If you discover that actually battery life is markedly lesser than imprinted claim, you can be rest assured you have been duped by a fraudster.
  13. The thirteenth rule and easiest rule is to compare the product with any authentic Aimpoint output by placing both side by side.
  14. The fourteenth rule is to get the product checked and authenticated by any authorized Aimpoint dealer.
  15. The fifteenth rule is to verify that the sight does not have anything else other than a red dot.
  16. The last rule is to check whether the adjustment knob rotates between different settings with resounding and reassuring clicks.


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